It's time for some real talk: Your favorite rom-com couple most likely wouldn't last in the real world. Below, we've assembled 10 movie pairs whose love probably didn't make it past the closing credits.
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  • Sandy And Danny From 'Grease'
    This couple's inevitable breakup has nothing to do with them being so different and everything to do with Sandy getting fed up with Danny using all her hair gel if they ever moved in together. Get your own, Danny Zuko. Get your own.
  • Alison And Ben From 'Knocked Up'
    Yeah, because relationships built on the solid foundation of a drunken one-night-stand always work out. (Oh, we kid, we kid.)
  • Blane And Andie From 'Pretty In Pink'
    Why do Andy and Blane break up? Because any scenario where Andy doesn't eventually end up with Ducky (pictured above) is a travesty.
  • Ben And Elaine From 'The Graduate'
    We think Ben and Elaine got married -- then promptly got divorced. The only thing worse than a meddling mother-in-law? A meddling mother-in-law you had an affair with. Yikes.
  • Dionne And Murray From 'Clueless'
    Sorry, guys, Dionne and Murray's love is just too tumultuous to make it past the twelfth grade. Unless Cher plays mediator for them for the rest of their lives, there's no way Dionne and Murray are going to stay together. Sad, but true.
  • Annie And Sam From 'Sleepless In Seattle'
    What spelled disaster for these two? That moment at the end of movie where Sam's 8-year-old son tells a taxi driver, "I'm going to meet my new mom!" Slow it down, guys.
  • Tracy And Dexter From 'The Philadelphia Story'
    Yep, we're going old school with this one. Tracy had the option of choosing a safe nice guy (played by Jimmy Stewart) or Dexter, the charismatic bad boy (played by Cary Grant) she'd already divorced once before. She chose the latter. Good luck with that, girl.
  • Zack And Laney From 'She's All That'
    Laney is too cool to stick with someone who'd place a mean makeover bet on her with his pals. We're guessing she hightailed it to art school on the east coast, sans Zack.
  • Jerry And Dorothy From 'Jerry Maguire'
    "You complete me." "You had me at hello." These two are going to run out of sweet nothings to say to each other eventually -- and it's not going to be pretty.
  • Edward And Vivian From 'Pretty Woman'
    Is it just us, or did Edward spend the majority of "Pretty Woman" trying to change poor Vivian? "Buy new clothes," "stop fidgeting!" "put a coat on." Rude. In our ending, Viv says buh bye to Edward, gets her GED and eventually becomes a kick-ass businesswoman in her own right